The calendar committee has met and is fully engaged with the 2018 Fundraising Calendar.  They are looking for a few pieces of information from our Rotary Members:
1) Are we committed to our Recycle Day on April 29th, 2018?
2) Are we committed to the Shrewsbury Food and Brew Festival on June 24th, 2018?
The committee is looking to put additional information in the calendar to promote Shrewsbury Rotary, so kindly send Mindy additional information if appropriate. (We will not be putting regular meetings, but it will be noted with our contact information.)
If you have any great color photos of Shrewsbury that you would like to submit for consideration as a monthly photo, kindly send me your ideas!  300 DPI resolution minimum, JPG or PDF preferred. (Send photos to
Lastly,the committee is looking to have our "Rotarian" dogs for the month of August!  Yes, it's "Dog Daze" for August and we thought it would be perfect to have a collage of our pups!  Please submit a "face shot" or "mutt shot" of your dog by Labor Day to!
Questions or concerns, please get in touch with Mindy McKenzie-Hebert